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July 7, 2011Posted by Hufeng Zhou


Hufeng Zhou is a computational biologist, self-taught software developer and web designer. He is working on knowledge discovery and data mining in bioinformatics and mainly interested in Protein-protein interaction network mining, prediction and analysis, Pathway data integration and analysis, and Metagenomic data analysis, etc. He has strong background in science, engineering and literature. As a scholar who focuses on computational biology, he also has wide interests in economy, finance, literature, leadership development, personal motivation and career planning. He has many hobbies too, including, tennis, swimming, jogging, basketball and badminton. Hufeng excel not only in his research but also in communication and collaboration. He wishes that his research can benefit the community and make a difference in everyone's life.

Hufeng's motto is “It is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude”.

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