Sirius PSB - An Overview (Ah Fu)

Sirius Prediction System Builder (Sirius PSB) is a software package designed to enable biologists with little or no computing knowledge to carry out sequence analysis using computational methods with ease and speed via a graphical user interface. They include building high-quality prediction models, visualization, multi-dimensional protein search and more.

Sirius PSB has 4 main operations:
1) Building a classifier
2) Deploying a classifer
3) Search for proteins similar to query proteins
4) Preliminary and post prediction analysis.

We welcome any queries, suggestions and/or collaboration (especially with biologists).

To learn more about Sirius PSB and the people behind it, click here.

How to use Sirius PSB Prediction Models

It is simple to use Sirius PSB Prediction Models, all you need to provide is sequences in FASTA format.

  • Upload the sequences
  • Let it run
  • View results