Prediction Models Generated using Sirius PSB

Locate Subcellular Localization of Proteins
Given a protein sequence, it is of interest to know the subcellular localization of the protein because it helps us to better understand its functions.

Recognition of Arabidopsis Polyadenylation Sites
Polyadenylation is a post-transcriptional process, which basically cleaves and adds approximately 200-300 adenosine residues to the pre-mRNA 3' end. This process is an essential processing event and an integral part of gene expression. Having the ability to accurately predict them allows us to define gene boundaries, predict the number of genes as well as better understand the process.

People behind Sirius PSB

Chuan Hock KOH [website]
Sharene LIM
Gregory JEDD [website]
WONG Limsoon [website]


Koh CH, Wong L: Recognition of Polyadenylation Sites from Arabidopsis Genomic Sequences. In Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Genome Informatics: 3-5 December 2007; Singapore; 2007:73-82.
Koh CH, Lin S, Jedd G, Wong L: Sirius PSB: A Generic System for Analysis of Biological Sequences. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 7(6): 973-990, December 2009.